Alternative Investment Capabilities

  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Build-ups & Joint-Ventures

    The firm's in-depth expertise extends to a wide range of strategic M&A transactions, including domestic and cross-border acquisitions, spin-off, carve-outs, divestitures, distressed sales and takeover defense. Our solutions-focused approach allows us to add value on capital markets, structured products, special committee and government assignment across a diverse set of clients on a world wide basis. We also contribute to delivering globally build-up road maps, joint-ventures and partnerships agreements.

  • Corporate Finance

    Clients also benefit from our ability to leverage our team's deep involvement in Corporate Finance topics, such as optimal capital structure, distribution policy, liquidity, cost of capital, and value drivers. The team provides product-agnostic advice to senior executives in order to drive value-enhancing decisions. Our dialogue with clients frequently leads to actionable financing and strategic decisions.

  • Equity Raising, Debt financing & Capital Structuring

    We are independent advisors, providing objective advice, with no underwriting, trading, or research conflicts. Private placement and structured products must stem from conflict-free advisory services. Our ability to deliver these solutions is the result of our highly experienced and extremely capable team that is able to drill down into complex issues, as well as a framework of global relationships and the broad perspective that comes with being part of Conquest.

Alternative Investment Solutions

  • Conquest Solutions

    Conquest built alternative investment insights, breath of reporting capabilities, deep risk management expertise, tailored and customized for investment professionals, to address their complex and challenging tasks. We provide the BackBone® end-to-end investment platform, including Middle to Back-Office outsourcing solutions.

  • BackBone

    The BackBone® Platform is an operating system for investment managers, that interconnects different sources of information and people, across technologies, to manage real assets investments. BackBone® combines a unified suit of sophisticated tools to power effective risk management, enhanced investment decision, and secure operational scale.