We are Conquest.

Astute & disciplined, we are invested in long-term sustainable value.

An alternative asset management firm

As an alternative asset management firm, we invest in and operate long-life, high-quality assets and businesses on behalf of our clients, which range from large pension funds to single-family offices. We provide global commerce with critical infrastructure and drive tomorrow's economy with sustainable power.

  • 15 + employees
  • 250 M€ of assets under management
  • 17 investments in Europe

What we stand for

At Conquest, our approach to responsible investing is guided by a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for.

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    We are passionate about performance

    We are fully committed in every aspect of the work we do, prizing strong operational expertise, unconventional thinking and an insatiable problem-solving mindset. Disciplined and astute, we challenge businesses in order to reach higher standards. We strive to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, while preserving capital, emphasizing downside protection and having a positive impact on society.

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    We are trailblazers

    We use technology to think beyond what is possible. We decipher a complex world and drive continuous change to help investors achieve their goals. A thriving culture of innovation lies at the heart of our success.

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    We are One CONQUEST

    We operate the firm as one team, forged by our collaborative technology platform between our diverse teams, to achieve customer-first success.

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    We are a fiduciary to our clients

    In a nutshell, your objectives become our objectives. From large pension funds to single family-offices, we represent your voice, your needs and your long-term investment goals in every decision we make. To ensure our interests are aligned with yours, we invest our capital in nearly every deal we do alongside yours. The strength of our global reach, deep capital resources and operating expertise will back you throughout our investments.

Market Outlook

Over the next 30 years, renewable sources - i.e. wind, solar, hydro - are expected to produce two third of the worlds' electricity, spurred by improving economics of renewables, as well as social and political commitments to tackling climate change.

In developed markets, new electricity demand will arise - triggered by homes, office buildings, and transports switching to an 'all-electric' way of consuming energy - offsetting energy efficiency efforts. In emerging markets, economic and population growth are driving demand for increased overall power generation, the majority of which is expected to be provided by renewables. As a result, in addition to increasing renewables penetration on power grids globally, massive investments are required across the electricity value chain including energy storage, energy distribution and electrified transport.

Investment strategies

At Conquest, our approach to responsible investing is guided by a set of principles that ensure we never forget what we stand for.

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    Resilience stemming from yielding, stable and predictable cash flows. To the contrary, the role of government bonds as portfolio ballast has come under scrutiny as the pool of sovereign bonds with negative yields burgeons. This is a particularly thorny challenge for institutions like insurers and pension funds that have liability-matching needs.

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    Low correlation

    Low correlation to public equity and fixed income markets with the bulk of the returns contracted for the medium to long-term and driven primarily by wind and solar resource.

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    Positive impact

    Positive and measurable impact to sustainability goals. Aligned with UN principles for responsible investing, renewable power investment category, is backed by a particularly robust data set, enabling each investor to assess the impact of its respective portfolio.